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Find Out Why Digital Influencer Marketing is the Hottest Thing Right Now!

Working with influencers in your brand campaigns could save your brand, as long as you follow the rules of the game and you truly understand why influencers are so popular these days. First of all, the authenticity of your communication could scare even the most skilled brand manager. What do you mean with "the brand isn’t going to take 90% of the screen"?

If you’re also having these questions about a possible influencer campaign, you should check the meaning of the word authenticity and come back in 2017, where things are not as they used to be on TV.

What influencers do you need to work with? And what are those associations you should not accept?

Selecting the influencers you invite in your campaign (YouTube vloggers, bloggers, social media stars or niche journalists) needs to be done taking into consideration more than one variable. The first and the most important? The type of audience that you’ll reach. The figures are also not to be ignored, otherwise you can consume important time and budget resources and reaching mediocre results.

The quality analysis is key – as professional as the influencer communicates and behaves, the better the collaboration will turn out to be. Your communication team needs to analyze in detail the content delivered by that influencer, his/ her history and the actual results.

It’s crucial to do your homework before working with an influencer, first – to avoid any potential communication crisis and second, to provide suitable creative proposals. The influencer you want to work with should have some values, that he/she really respects – these could translate in the types of actions he/she approaches – the percent of advertising content from the total (and how this is handled from concept to results and follow up), the way the influencer truly represents the community in his actions (both online and offline) and the quality of the online presence (starting with the quality of the images and videos posted, continuing with the debates and the way the influencer handles its online critics).

If you can’t find these traits in the online profile of your influencer, you should think again on how beneficial this collaboration really is for your brand. Working with unsuited influencers could turn up to be pretty bad for your brand, so you need to choose the best people to collaborate with.

3 reasons why working with influencers is a good idea for your brand

First, let’s analyze some figures:

- The most important reason why users are installing adblock type of apps are the fact that “the ads are intrusive or annoying”. The second most important reason? Because the online ads are disruptive. (source –

- 92% of users will most likely trust reviews written by other individuals, more than branded advertising (according to a MuseFind study). These is a type of behavior that you can surely recognize at yourself – how many times have you been reading a review on a product you wanted to purchase? And how many times you renounced on buying a product/ visiting a restaurant/ using a service because it had a lot of bad reviews?

- On mobile, the adblocker trend keeps on growing. The same HubSpot survey established that 83% of the respondents were appreciative of the existence of adblock-type features on their smartphone.

So, we’re looking at an online behavior pattern that clearly states that people don’t like advertisement that they are not interested in, that is not contextualized or related to their online action.

It’s not the actual high usage of AdBlock that should worry you, but the fact that you’re missing out on so many creative, beautiful communication ideas. The fact that you’re not using actualized ideas and tactics in your campaigns will simply reduce your brand to a “boring” level, dusty and lacking credibility. In digital, you’ll have instant feedback from your audience. Or none what so ever. And this is the moment you should be getting worried.

Here are the reasons why working with influencers is a great idea for your brand:

  1. “Finally, something fun” – this is not an impossible comment from a person from your audience. You might be used to safe reactions, where the audience is elegantly ignoring you, knowing somewhere that they can’t really expect too much from such a bland brand. Or even, you’ve gave up hoping that after years lacking enthusiasm, some appreciation may come from your audience. Basically, you’ve gotten used to not being liked by anyone, but you keep insisting. This can be changed. A influencer campaign, with the right set of transparent coordinates can have different results. If you want to find out more, drop us a line and we can tell you how much enthusiasm can your brand receive, if you’re speaking the language of your audience.
  2. Credibility and trust. No matter how hard, you need to understand something that’s true – a 16 year old girl that makes 3 vlogs a week and just celebrated half a million subscribers on her make-up tutorials is much more credible than your brand’s fanpage. Why? Because she’s real, she laughs and keeps all things personal. And here, our dear brand manager, there are rivers and rivers of pixels flowing on the internet on how we should advertise in 2017 but we don’t.
  3. Results. Those kind of results that are above your expectations. That you can take pride in (or even get a promotion) and that not only justify the budget used, but can be taken in the region, as a best practice, a precedent you’ve created.

On the influencer’s realm, everything is simpler – you’ll get instant feedback if the creative idea and the content is good, and you’ll simply receive your hate and the cringe in a matter of seconds, if anything is fake. Pretty clear, right?

If you’re thinking about an influencer campaign and you want to know more about selecting them, communicating with them and those creative ideas that will be accepted and celebrated by the community, write us or call us up and let’s meet up for coffee!

posted by Ioana on 2017-09-28 11:14:02

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