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And Here’s How You Build Your New & Awesome Promotional LP

Contest, an awareness campaign, Black Friday or a simple promotion – these are all events that need an awesome landing page on your website. You need a landing page because of its possible features, usefulness and looks, and because, and this you might have noticed until now, you can’t really count only on Facebook in all things related to your brand. First of all, on a landing page you can establish a conversion objective and the final figures will clearly show the way you’ve delivered the brand message – efficient or with a budget waste. Secondly, using another platform for a promo page than your own website could only appear to be useful, it’s actually difficult and resource waster.

Here are some elements you need to take into account when you’re coordinating the thinking and design of a landing page for your brand:

How can you choose the best structure?

Lately, studies on the online behavior and the online purchasing decision process have detailed some interesting conclusions – time spent on page, the way they interact with the interactive elements, the actions that users initiate, everything connected with the messages that got them on the landing page and the entire flow they follow, these are all elements that can be analyzed and predicted. More than that, each domain has its specifics – in fashion, online users will make purchase decisions based on certain parameters that won’t be valid in a domain such as car rentals, for example. So, establishing the perfect landing page structure depends on many variables, that are becoming more and more complex every day.

The good news is that sales principles can be applied in any type of landing page with a conversion objective (a form, a call to action button or a telephone number users are encouraged to use). You need an attractive header, photo or video, a strong headline, you need an area dedicated to presenting user benefits (the answer to that popular “what’s in it for me?” question) and a very clear form. Another important rule is to never add up links that will risk the user leaving the page (and never coming back).

If you want an excellent landing page, it’s not enough to simply apply these principles, but to also add up some creativity to communicating the brand world and also, you need to do some serious testing. You can try an A/B testing on your campaign, in the first campaign days – you’ll be surprised to see that the font size you’re writing your headline or the color of the CTA button can really impact your conversion rate.

A visible call to action

The mighty call to action. This is one of the most important elements on a landing page. It can be on the send info button, in your headline, in your subcopy or in the header video or it can appear as a pop up that activates when the user scrolls up to 30% of the page. No matter where it goes, if you’ve forgotten to communicate the user what you’re expecting of him, you may risk your entire campaign.

Research in CRO, UX and web design also speak about other elements that can be associated with the call to action, element that can increase the number of leads. For example – color (the debate is mainly between green and red), the position of the CTA (above or below the fold) but, from a designer perspective, the typography trend that could also improve the page’s looks.

The header – still image, gif or video?

Tendencies in web design show that a video or a gif header is extremely popular this year, having as a possible cause the fact that delivering this content throughout all types of devices has improved. A video header will definitely hook the users from the first second, but if it’s justified only because of the web designer’s preferences and doesn’t suit the campaign, it can be an error. It’s important to consider such an option only if it helps the user get closer to the brand and its world.

Another hot option for the header of a landing page is a huge image, that covers almost the entire first screen. Using this type of header, you’ll make sure the message of the visual has a bigger impact on the user.

One of the most often errors that can appear in creating a landing page is a busy header, trying too much to transmit all the information of the campaign. The result can have more than one disadvantage – any page that is too colored, with too many elements, without sufficient white space and with an overall noisy look simply makes users tired. Research in UX and web design show that there is a strong relation between the relaxation feeling induced by a clean, readable design and the way people perceive the brand experience on a landing page or website.

Video or no video?

Online video delivers results. That’s a fact. BUT If you only upload the TV spot on a web page, you might not solve that much for your brand. But if the video embedded on your landing page is a spin off of that TV commercial, that’s especially created for the web medium, that connects the campaign concept in an entertaining way, you’re starting to get somewhere!

In the same time, if you choose to add up a video on your landing page, make sure the technical implementation is beyond reproach. The video needs to be delivered without a flaw on any device and any resolution, for a great user experience.

What are animations and effects good for?

Another web design and UX trend is represented by the effects or animations that you might want to add to your page. Effects on buttons, the menu, on the header or a subtle effect while scrolling might deliver some nice dynamic for your page. So, a simple, static page, with no interaction, might look boring to Internet savvy users, so, in consequence, might not make your brand justice.

How do you optimize the form?

When you need to insert a form on your campaign landing page, it’s important to keep it simple. Too many questions might make users leave. But too little of them might not satisfy your information needs.

More than once, the form is the main conversion point on the page. Take care on offering the user enough incentive so that the form is worth the time. Don’t forget – the form needs to be flawless on mobile, too.

Another discovery made by researchers in CRO shows that the best option for a long form is that it’s organized in several chunks of information, it should look fun and be as simple and as clear as possible when it comes to copy and design. Don’t ignore the final part – your form should clearly state when it has ended and maybe even have a copy that encourages people to like your page, subscribe or several other secondary actions they might take after completing the form.

Bug testing

One of the most important stages in building a landing page is the bug testing. Make sure your team has checked every feature, on as many browsers and devices possible, to minimize the risk – you don’t want technical problems after the launch. This stage is crucial for making sure the entire campaign will be functional, from one end to another.

Results – what, how and when you should make the analysis

If you want an exceptional landing page, you need to start from an A/B test experiment. You’ll soon establish the optimal configuration of your landing page elements, if you’ve identified valuable hypothesis. At the end of such an experiment, if you’re lucky, 2 or three major improvements will be in order and this can definitely impact your conversion rate.

At the end of the campaign, the final reporting will follow, an analysis of all the indicators that offer the overall perspective of your landing page’s success – how many users actually clicked the CTA button, how many of the total have completed the participation form, how many left the page and even the map of all the actions and clicks have happened on the page. From this type of data, you can extract some nice insights about how people reacted to your landing page, that you can use to improve your next campaign.

If you want to know more about successful landing pages and if you’re interested on how to improve your conversion rate, let’s meet up and talk!

posted by Ioana on 2017-08-03 15:49:16

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