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Edition #4 _ ONLINE VIDEO: Get Higher Sales with Video

The video approach on communication and marketing campaigns of different businesses and brands has become a must have for 2017. It appears that in 2020, video traffic will deliver aproximately 85% of all internet traffic in northern America, according to Cisco. YouTube reports a billion users, a third of all the people on Internet today. And Romania follows these trends, with good figures especially when it comes to mobile growth. The battle of the moment? Will VR kill the live stream star... But what makes video to be this efficient in our campaigns?

90% of the information our brains process is visual

Eye candy is not only a web design term. It should be a principle to keep close when you’re working on a video campaign. Another research is giving us perspective on the stake video holds – 65% of people are visual learners.

We remember what we like

Scientifically, the argument is that the visual stimuli are processed right in that brain area that also holds long term memories. And emotions are connected to memory. This means that those information that’s delivered in videos and that takes our emotions out for a spin are better remembered than the text ones or those from a static image. As an example, think of the volume of videos that are shared daily in your Facebook feed only.

The human brain processes video information 60 000 times faster than text

According to, the human brain is so much faster on video than text from a simple reason – it’s much more simple. Everything comes from the very human tendency to avoid the more complicated tasks. Basically, it’s harder to read a text, while watching some images can be done without any big cognitive effort.

What does this type of information consumption brings to your campaign?

- Consumers are 39% more willing to share a video content

- An average Internet user watches approximately 206 videos/a month

- The four types of popular videos when it comes to businesses’ communication are explainers, how to’s , product demos and testimonials. Read more about the presentation videos here.

- Normally, a video has an average retention rate of 37% - meaning that only this percent of users watches all the video. The success of a video can be also measured through this indicator – the number of views is one thing, their quality is another discussion. A video with a 70% retention rate can be considered a success.

- The longer the video, the lower its retention rate. Our recommendation is that a web video shouldn’t be longer than 2 minutes, depending on its subject.

- 45% of Internet users are watching at least one hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week

- Millennials are watching the most online videos, while men spend 40% more time on this type of content than women.

- Half of the video content is watched on smartphones and 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.

- A video on a landing page can increase your conversion by 80%.

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If you want to find out more about how you can create a video campaign for your brand, drop us a line and tell us more about your plans!

posted by Ioana on 2017-07-04 11:52:45

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