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Edition #3_ ONLINE VIDEO: Your Company Presentation? Definitely a Video

When you launch a product or a service and you’re in charge of thinking or coordinating a communication campaign, a video could be a key element to explain the benefits and the product’s traits. The thinking involved in creating a successful video presentation and its actual production both have an important stake – they need to both get the user’s attention from the first few seconds and explain loud and clear the utility and features of the product. How should you work on such a video?

Include your video in an integrated campaign

A single video won’t be enough, no matter how good it is. If you’re preparing the launch of a product or tech service, all the mediums at hand need to be integrated with your communication messages. In this perspective, the video could be embedded on a landing page or could be itself a conversion point, depending on its structure and the campaign purpose.

Animation, short film or a video collage?

In regard to the style of the video, the same rule applies as in any other execution – respect the brief. As long as the visual language you choose is used in a coherent way, on all the mediums used in the campaign and as long as this visual language is already familiar to your audience, you should have some nice results. To take this decision, on how the video’s style should be, start from your buyer persona and the campaign concept.

Script elements

The presentation video should have a simple and easy to understand script. It’s an error to think about this video in sales terms only. Even if elements such as the benefits, the context or features/ traits of the products are essential, they need to be shown in an entertaining way. The classical animated video that points out a simple problem – solution logic is already a cliché.

Graphics and soundtrack

A lot of tech startups use graphical packages or even templates bought from designer’s marketplaces for their presentation videos. This decision turns out to be a pretty bad one, for the long run. You’re risking your image, or even using the same graphical elements as your competition. This means that your online image could be as similar to any other startup.

The ideal option is to find an agency to work with and that produces your online video and custom graphics, to empower your claim and to clearly underline your brand territory.

Why do you need a presentation video?

If you’re working on an online launch campaign and you haven’t integrated a presentation video on your plan, here are the reason why you should reconsider:

If you’re thinking about integrating a video in your campaign but don’t quite know where to start from, drop us a line and let’s meet up!

posted by Ioana on 2017-06-25 17:14:10

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