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Edition #2 _ ONLINE VIDEO: How to Tell an Impactful Story in Online

Digital storytelling has its roots in the narrative structures logic. The story, as a narrative, moves its components on the digital mediums, keeping its red wire, story like. In a brand construction, digital storytelling is, momentarily, one of the most efficient and hot decisions you could make. One-to-many is already the old school perspective, as long as you have at hand new methods and want to address an active, engaged audience.

What are the basic principles in a brand’s digital storytelling?

It’s not (only) about a single campaign

A brand storytelling approach can’t be checked in a raport, at the end of the year, as a task you complete in 5 steps. It’s a bit more like a point of view over the brand construction. You can make it through a TV spot and consider everything is ok. But you can also find, with the help of your agency, innovative methods that you can use to create a brand world, to modulate every step in the logic of a protagonist’s decision, to find that manifesto idea that modifies for the best your brand’s category and, with the help of all these, to satisfy the audience’s need for a good story. Afterwards, each and every campaign will naturally be built on this logic, by paying attention to the overall perspective.

What do fairytales and brand building have in common?

Regarding the communication of your brand and its construction, from a brand storyteller’s perception, each element in the narrative is important. Where do we find inspiration for a digital storytelling approach? It may be from Vladimir Propp’s work – a Russian researcher that analyzed fairytale’s narrative structures and identified some interesting conclusions. He identified that each and every fairytale had 31 basic sections, story functions such as absentation, interdiction, reconnaissance, delivery, complicity and so on that build together the structure of what we today know as a story.

The chosen mediums are key

Each step in your digital storytelling campaign needs to correspond to a rigorous strategy and needs to be constructed on a very good knowledge of the audience and the way it uses these certain mediums. From this point, the purpose is somewhat qualitative; you need those mediums or social networks that will deliver a maximum engagement with the audience, not only applying the simple “lowest common denominator” logic.

For example, if you want to activate the young audience, it may be crucial to add-up in your digital storytelling campaign a fresh, hip social network, such as, based on the extraordinary interest of this audience for the network. In the same manner, waze could be a good idea for activating some audiences, or Pinterest, even if from a media oriented perspective, all by themselves, these networks won’t have enough traction to solve all of your campaign’s objectives. A fresh vision on your integrated campaign needs to establish both priorities and the points where the activation could advance the most.

Digital storytelling – food category

An example of a brand campaign that managed to bring important results by respecting the storytelling rules and principles is the newest campaign for Secretul Bunicii yeast. Developed mostly on YouTube, the campaign focused on illustrating the brand world, in its emotional, specific tones – associating family recipes with lessons and life secrets. Each brand ambassador (public persons from different domains) became a protagonist that observes, analyzes and transmits the message of their own life lessons, received from the family, the mother or the grandmother.

There is a certain fragility in each life lesson, as there is in the process of baking a good bread for your loved ones. And here is the conflict, in terms of digital storytelling, that also gives clues about the solution, from the brand world we are in – the life lessons from the family, those that are accepted and understood, become personal values. Same as the childhood tastes, that you can always go back to, to recharge, you can treat the life lessons that you sometimes receive as an family heritage.

And this world, with these ingredients, was the one we showed to our audience. In less than 5 months from launch, along with the increased number of YouTube subscribers, the videos of the 5 chosen ambassadors – Cosmin Nedelcu aka Micutzu (musician and actor), Simona Pope (chef and confectioner), Adina Stan (TV personality), Ana Maria Brânză (epee fencer) and Claudia Ştirbei (author at, gathered over 250 000 views. Here are the most popular videos:

posted by Ioana on 2017-06-21 00:30:25

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