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Edition #1 _ Online videos: WHY VLOGGERS?

1 million subscribers. Hundred thousands views for a clip. Hundreds of comments. And the reach of a French donut or fidget spinners video, higher than your last few posts from that campaign you’ve been planning for months. Say HI to two Romanian youtubers. Fresh, spontaneous, 14 or 25 years old and regardless of their core audience group, they’ve gained young audiences (and not only) on their side, faster than we say in meetings “communication concept and creative guidelines for a brand awareness campaign”

Here’s what you could learn from the vloggers or from the content creators in YouTube, but also the reasons why it’s important to add such a collaboration in your next campaign.

  1. Everything 4 the Audience.

Vloggers grow their audiences because they read, debate and integrate the fan’s feedback in their content. On YouTube you simply can’t grow unless you really understand what people want from you, what makes them tick and… also - if you’re not one of them. As a vlogger, you’ll be paying for every error, for every fake reaction. You’ll receive, in a simple and clear manner, a lot of feedback from the audience, if you disappoint them. Where hate is like decreasing sales, unhappy customers and a PR crisis. Sounds familiar, huh?

To keep it short, vloggers never get to be popular unless they develop a really close, direct and active relationship with their audience.

  1. Interest Based Community

Communities that build up around vloggers are interest-based. Targeted content, an authentic voice, a friendly presence and a constant brainstorming atmosphere, along with the most active online fans. The actual interest? Any. Cooking, lifestyle, gaming, cars, fashion, tech or even general topics.

This means that no matter if you’re online and willing to listen to your audience, they will not talk if they don’t care about your message.

I’m not a professional chef, but I was passionate about cooking ever since I was a kid. I think the audience got close to me and my videos for this reason – I never proposed them a pretentious style, but an accessible one, where I explain in detail every recipe. I am really happy when I receive messages from my audience, it’s encouraging to see how much someone can be happy about managing, with your support, to make a good and healthy recipe for their kids or family”, says Geanina, the creators of the video recipes from JamilaCuisine.

JamilaCuisine recently celebrated 400 000 YouTube subscribers and her newest video recipe gathered, in only 2 days since being published, 30 000 views and 93 comments on YouTube. The short recipe (published on JamilaCuisine fanpage) got to over 135k views, 2700 likes, 426 shares and over 30 comments on Facebook. JamilaCuisine’s most popular video recipe is the Marocan salad, which gathered, in 4 years since being published, over 3 million views.

  1. Highly Creative and FUN Content

Opposite to the TV atmosphere of a show, with its complicated preparations, directing and scripts, vlogs are much more relaxed. And from here until pumping creativity on a full speed, there’s only one step. Especially when we are looking at how vlogs for younger audiences are growing, it’s obvious that we’re looking to a world where the commonly shared values are spontaneity, self-irony, fun, a day to day stand-up comedy, with lots of entertaining ideas and subjects.

“We laugh the most when we’re actually shooting. We start by thinking about a subject, and then we simply shoot all the ideas we have. Most of the ideas just pop up on the spot. We usually spend most time on editing the video and reading, to catch up on the audience’s feedback” tell us Vlad and Cristi Munteanu, twin brothers with YouTube channels that add up, together, almost 800 000 subscribers, with videos that range from 200 000 views and a million and a half in views.

Here’s one of the most popular videos created by the Munteanu brothers:

For your brand, this means…

The 5 top YouTube stars in 2017

The most popular vlogger nowadays, according to a top made by, is PewDiePie, a Swedish based comedian, video producer and gamer that started his YouTube account in 2010, since then, publishing videos mostly about gaming. Since 2013, he is the most subscribed user on YouTube. Some of his controversial vlogs have made him loose contracts, such as the one with Disney, earlier this year. PewDiePie currently has over 55 million subscribers, and here’s how one of his most popular videos looks like:

Smoosh is the second YouTube channel in the “star” top in 2017. The comedian duo, Ian Hecox and Daniel Padilla, are active on YouTube since 2005, and they have reached a community of 22 milion subscribers, with videos that discuss or laugh about movies and games.

Here’s one example of a recent Smoosh video:

On the third place, there’s a “React” specialized channel. Fine Brothers (Benny and Rafi) have collaborated on videos with other YouTubers, and have been sponsored by companies such as Ford or Comedy Central. One of their most viewed videos from Fine Brothers is Kids react to Harlem Shake:

Lindsey Sterling, occupying the forth place, is an American violinist, dancer, performance artist and composer – on her YouTube channel, created in 2007, she publishes choreographed violin performances, such as this nice one, that got to over 149 million views, since 4 years ago, when it was published:

Good Mythical Morning, produced by Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Neal III that both started out as engineers but ended up as content creators. One of their most popular video is this video, where they eat the world’s hottest pepper – Carolina Reaper:

posted by Ioana on 2017-06-12 19:25:06

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