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E-mailing: The Secret Weapon in Digital Marketing. Are You Missing Out?

No, it’s not social media. Nor content. Although these are really important and can bring efficient results. We’re talking about e-mail marketing. That half-century old thing, that just got better in the last years, with data driven marketing, automatization, personalization and segmentations, but also success indicators that are more and more complex and, of course, fresh leads for every marketer that’s ready to work his way up.

Let’s start from the beginning. How should a succesful campaign look like?

It should have a clear purpose

Any e-mail campaign should clearly state from its title and from its sender’s address its importance. And this importance should exist, if it addresses only those people for who actually need the information. Think about the difference between receiving an email campaign from your favorite online bookstore that announces the best sellers this month, versus an email title that announces that a book you wanted to order but wasn’t available is now ready to be shipped.

Added value

Your subscribers should receive something that is more than they imagined. Not you latest promotion. Not the already cliché logic of magical solutions to invented needs, that will actually make your subscribers click unsubscribe so fast, you won’t see them leaving. But relevant and entertaining information.

From transactions to relationships

Here’s where you can get creative and focused on what the user really needs. O simple transaction has its rules – a good price, a good product value, purchasing methods and so on. To get a relationship going with your subscriber, now that’s a different story. We’re now discussing trust, some kind of partnership, attention and both sides of the story not wasting each other’s time. A smart e-mail campaign should use, more than any other medium, both the technical opportunities and creativity and clarity in communication.

An e-mail campaign can have great results, if you’ll take into account these three rules. More than that, e-mail could become an excellent medium for growing your brand, even if the variables are more sophisticated. These can bring concrete results, such as nice, fresh leads and insights to your integrated campaign. Here are some false e-mail marketing myths that you might want to reconsider.

All e-mail campaigns look alike

Designing an e-mail campaign is not a walk in the park. Along with the small technical challenges that the designer and the codes should fix in no time – such as the lack of a design standard when it comes to e-mail clients and the fact that a campaign needs to be tested on multiple browser and e-mail clients such as gmail, yahoo or outlook, the actual design could be as creative, as minimalist, intense and innovative as any other piece of the overall campaign.

In 2017, the successful e-mail campaigns could have interactive design elements, animations, videos or even integrated life feeds. And the principles of brand experience interfaces are more than relevant - working with micro focus areas, an essential-only approach when working in the layout, a clear UX and so on.

They only work in e-commerce

The correction here would be that they do work in sales. But, at the end of the day, we’re sure you’re reading this article because you’re also selling something. It’s a marketing tactic that should be in the sales discussion, but since we’re talking about online, the design and the copy should be integrated in the overall communication campaign, as best as possible.

Secondly, although e-commerce seems to benefit most of e-mail campaigns ( personalization in the user flow is clearly useful and the results are instantly visible), the online conversion in online doesn’t always mean the actual sales of a product.

E-mail marketing is old school

If you think that e-mail marketing is old school, than what do you think about big data personalization? HTML5 videos in e-mails? Interactivity? Search bars that work right in your inbox? Automated e-mails that direct and make the user familiar with your website while gathering precious insights? These are actually the 2017 trends when it comes to e-mail marketing.

So think again, and think better about e-mail marketing. It can become your secret weapon in your digital marketing strategy.

posted by Ioana on 2017-07-10 00:30:23

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