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The Best Reason for a Gift? Mmmmm .... none! Or the beauty of storytelling with a gift

The Best Reason for a Gift? Mmmmm .... none!

Or the beauty of storytelling with a gift

In a nutshell, the things are quite simple: do you want to make a pleasant surprise to somebody you care for? Get him or her a supplementary gift in a different day than the birthday, anniversary, or Christmas. The thing is: make X-mas presents also before X-mas. Few days before!

Of course, you know, everybody expects a full X-mas tree with everything in it, and so many presents under it, that hey, it floats. But in such a crowded environment, do you really think he or she will notice your present? It will be opened in a second, received with a regulamentary „wooowww” and set aside for the next present to be opened. Therefore our advice is: build a special moment from this gifting period. A special moment, a private moment, with a full surprise element and fully enjoy the sincere, happy reaction of your beloved one. A live, sincere, full reaction, with no expectations.

And if you want to do this but don’t exactly know how, check out the new vlogs from Dana Nălbaru şi Dragoş Bucur, who have prepared for exactly these moments. They showed us how a real surprise is carefully thought, leaving the partner while thinking what has he / she done to deserve such special attention. We see Dana opening a Dove Gift for herself, a „just-like-that” present, thought about big things, important moments in her life, the wedding or the swimming lessons.

Well, surprise-surprise! Dragos wanted to make a gift just for herself and because it is winter. And because few months before Dana and a friend said that men do not make presents except for special occasions. So, there you go! You can make a present out of any reason, just to make a joy to your dear one or just demonstrate something. Or simply making a beautiful gift, as Dove is here to create this special opportunity.

Corina Savin, Media Manager USCE, Unilever says:

„This communication solution – any reason is a good reason to make a gift - doubled by the story of the Dana / Dragos couple, was that element that we were looking for, different and indeed very strong, with a lot of emotion. Think about it, if you stop on your way, yo get a gift for your dear person, and say that you wanted to be the first to make a gift, to think about him/ her, isn’t it that you will win points in the eyes of your dear one? Points that you will use sometime, of course 😊”

And Dana also is making Dragos a nice surprise. This time, unpacking the gift is made between moments of intense discussions about kids. And also Dragos does not get it: why does he deserve a gift. He gets his gift because he is taking care of everybody, because he is happy when Sofia is having fun in the mountain camp, because he is cutting the cheese in a little bear shape, because he knows the favourite song of the child. And there are so many reasons to be thankful to your dear ones. In afara zilelor cu semnificatie, insa tot in sezonul cadourilor.

The surprise is here that Dragos gets a gift for the things he is doing daily, like a super hero, because he is appreciated and because Dana needs him to continue doing the wonderful things he is appreciated for. Or simply because giving care for a plus of power with a gift from Dove Men +Care.

Andreea Dinca, Brand Building Category Manager Deodorants & Gifting USCE, Unilever:

„We wanted to differentiate ourselves vs all the brands that has an offer for holidays. We love beautiful moments, the idea of Dove brand which is seeing beauty as a gift, and our campaign is delivering on this message. You are actually gifting beautiful moments to your dear ones, with much love and sensitivity.”

So you can actually wait until Christmas or you can grab a Dove gift and surprise your loved ones now. Or you can extend the holidays and gmake gifts after this magical moment. For sure you have a full collection set for women and men, as well as reasons to make everybody happy – that should be easy.

posted by Administrator on 2017-12-17 23:12:21

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