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...the digital age with every step that we take. We are proponents of the new wave of doing online business and we are strong believers in constant innovation in order to constantly be ahead of the curve.
We believe in the power of people and technology; we believe in the future and in what we can achieve by connecting the people around us in such a world of differencies yet so many similarities.

We trust the power of results…

Brand Support is the digital advertising agency offering advertising and digitally integrated communication services, founded in 2008, With a solid experience on strategic thinking, creative campaigns completed by a pragmatic approach, we understand the world we live in by thinking digital first.

What motives us are excellent results. We have excellency as one of our core principles and we deliver based on our customers’ needs and expectations - simple, fast, efficient and accurate.
Above all, we believe in people and what stimulates them every second


online marketing strategy
Digital Creative & Strategy, Digital Intelligence, Research, Online Campaigns, Content generation, Apps, Websites, Social Media, etc.
mobile advertising
TV Content, Creative Placements, TV Commercial Creative and Production Work
digital campaign
Sales Incentive Programs, Digital Shop / E-commerce tools, Customer Retention Programs

Finlandia Explore Midnight

Managing the community is key for brands who want to differentiate and engage the consumer in the incredible journey of the brand.


E-commerce is a ever challenging business with Key particularities which need to be communicated in a clear, straightforward, creative manner.

Illy issimo

Digital consumer promotions work with great return and conversion if integrated in a clever and cost effcient way.

Lukoil Assist

Native or web-based app? In any case, users need to discover your brand, digital power and creativity in keeping his interest live.


Create powerful mechanics in engaging the consumer in the national promotion, triggering participations, thus leads & sales.

Tedi Star

Engaging parents most often means engaging children, so we created the frame whereby kids and parents could interract, play, dance and win.


CIOCOLAX: Relaunching a brand with high consumer affinity and still drive results – like double the sales, this are the kind of results that we are proud of (2015)


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Adagin IBUPROFEN needed a strong, visible and Impactful campaign to differentiate in such a crowded painkiller segment. The PANTHER TVC had excellent consumer response (2015)


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DEDEMAN: How can we attract the woman into football? By Merging what women like most – House Rules – with What men like most – being Conoisseurs. A highly efficient campaign greatly appreciated by the client and by the consumers (2015)


BENNEFIT: A healthy snack, a woman in a relaxation mode, True womanly conversation and executions created for various consumption moments – product ingredients focused (2016)


ALTEX: Top Electro-IT Retailer needed a strong promotional Platform tailored on the purchase occasions along the year (2013-2014)


SALATINI: A strong brand with heritage on the Romanian market needed a strong Relaunch and relevance among the young target group.


CHIVAS: Special executions at shelf in IKA in peak seasons which increased consumer appeal and stimulated sales (2014)

Johnnie Walker

JOHNNIE WALKER: Route to consumer visibility and touchpoints in the ontrade environment as well As sales incentive programs and creative product presentations (2012)


NIVEA: Instore visibility ownership with strong engaging concepts, with a high creativity level appreciated both by the consumer and by the IKA (2014)

website SEO
Corporate Social Responsibility
website SEO
Radio Media Planning & Buying, TV Content & Commercial, Creative Work
digital PR
Event Creative and Management, Trade fairs, Corporate & Specialized Events

ABI Fundatie

ABI Fundatie: A project which stimulates the interethnic exchanges as well as raises the knowledge level of the (2016)


BENNEFIT The Green Suppliers Challenge organized annually by Carrefour and won by our client opened the doors for a strong CSR program (2016)


POLITAXI campaign, the half taxi, half Police car was present in 6 cities national level including Mamaia seaside resort to advice drivers not to drink and drive (2012-2013)


ALTEX: Various promotions had to be communicated with a strong focus on the product offer but also creating a story foreach promo proved challenging (2013-2014)


MARETTI National Consumer Promo had a strong presence on radio, delivering a strong message to the consumers (2014)

ANIMA Medical Centers

ANIMA Medical Centers communicated their end-user services, by a cheerful interpretation of the symptoms for various specialties (2015)


SUN PLAZA: Love is high on St Valentines Day, but higher in Sun plaza EVENT whereby consumers could participate to creative contests and win unexpected prizes (2016)


CELIO An unexpected POP-UP fashion event organized inside AFI Palace Cotroceni, a press conference to fashion journalists and bloggers with a high impact on the audience (2016)


UNIVERSAL CHANNEL A highly appreciated trade fair for the TV and cable Industry at JW Mariott whereby Universal Channel has made its impact with a special execution architectural design in this Trade Fair Event (2012)

online marketing strategy
Print Media Planning & Buying Print Content Creative, Key visuals, advertorials
mobile advertising
PR Visibility, Brand and Company Public Exposure
digital branding
Branding, Naming, Packaging, Brand Positioning, Portfolio Architecture


OMNIASIG: An innovative insurance product launched to Small and Medium Business and Enterprises caught the insight of entrepreneurship Passion Turning Into Business (2014)


VOLVO A non-beatable offer to current and future clients VOLVO Gold addressed to fleet owners and playing in the consumer status territory (2015)


GRANATUR: Series of product beauty shots for the Flour and bakery products of Granatur as part of a print presentation material B2B (2015)


SCANIA: Managing Scania drivers community proved a challenging but beautiful task whereby we organically grew +15% the fans base (2015)


FILMBOX: Community management, PR management for a DTH film provider FILMBOX, taking care of both B2C but also B2B communication (2015)


FINLANDIA A clubbing brand which had many novelties to communicate all the time needed a special and insightful PR approach (2014)


GEROCOSSEN: A very challenging packaging project with the aim of keeping the current consumers and also recruitment for the young ones (2016)


COOKIE PETFOOD They needed both differentiation as well as consistency with the old pack, which we managed to fulfill successfully (2014)


CIOCOLAX: Improved ingredients, New pack, new positioning, our agency did the complete works for the relaunch campaign with excellent market results (2015)

digital branding
Marketing Automation Systems for Websites and Apps

CORE TEAM - Key People

web design agency


In this vibrant and creative environment of Digital, Flavius manages our design and technological development for creating great user experiences with highly optimized technology. Flavius has an integral role in the planning and improvement of how your brand and company is technically ready to face the digital challenges in programming, data security, customer journey and web development.
web development


With a solid marketing and advertising experience, Stefania adds the strong layer of consumer experience to the team. There are only few people who even think about the kinds of content that can be shared with your customers. The content needs to be harmonized, optimized and creatively integrated within your communication objectives. Stefania is smartly managing all your publicly shared material, going live digitally.

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Ionut Harabagiu

With a top function in media and television and part of the technological world since its take-off, Ionut is driving our business forward in a highly efficient manner, making you realize what's needed for your brand to differentiate. Just meeting Ionut will make you reflect and discover great digital opportunities ahead.
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Oana Rucă

Content Creator & Storyteller
Oana, a key member of brand support core team, is indeed turning each situation in a relevant, insightful story, tailored on an easy accessible consumer language. Oana approaches deeply each project, identifies opportunities and creates a wonderful net of magic in her pragmatic, yet dreamy manner of content creation. Feel free to address any challenging situation to Oana! When there is a will, there is a creative way.

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Petre Nitu

With over 8 years of experience in performance media and certified in all major PPC platforms, Petre is the Results Driver in our team. Not driving a Volvo (yet) but driving excellent results for the brands we are managing in terms of performance campaigns, Petre is very keen on exceeding brief’s objectives, carefully looking at the most efficient Price / Quality ratio. Petre values Quality Clicks and Quality Work behind them.
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Cristina Gherghe

There are no secrets and barriers when getting the truth about a brand fact, product status, generating consumer insights or simply measuring the pulse of the activity or of a specific brand in a specific moment. Connecting dots is not easy and certainly not for everyone. Cristina dives deep in the core of the consumers minds and hearts, understands and quickly processes information, gathers relevant info so that you can make the best, most informed and documented, fact-based decisions.



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